About Acres

Acres was founded by John Acres, the inventor of player tracking. Our history of innovation is what’s creating the future of gaming: solutions that enhance profitability with technology that is intuitive, robust and helpful on an almost human level.

That’s more critical now than ever. The casino industry as we know it is dying. And so are businesses who refuse to change. We make that change easy for our clients – and we make it profitable, too.

Gaming like you used to know it is gone. So are you going away with it? Don’t die out – move forward with Acres.

As your partner, we will:

  • Enable you to enhance experiences without breaking the bank
  • Help you make good on the brand promise you’ve made to your guests
  • Show you how free play has no place in today’s market
  • Save you money – and make you money
  • Make the hard things easy
  • Relentlessly measure results and keep evolving so you stay profitable


John Acres


John is the inventor of the first player tracking system, as well as progressives and bonusing games that pretty much define today’s gaming experience. At Acres, he’s the founder and visionary – sort of the disruptor in chief. It’s his job to challenge the common assumptions of team members and clients alike, which results in shared vision, shared progress, and – most importantly – shared success.

Noah Acres

Vice President of Sales

To Noah, it’s more than selling. For every product he moves, he’s actually operating as an agent of change. That means it’s less about making the sale and more about enabling clients to imagine how their business can be more efficient and more profitable...and then making that vision a reality.

Dan Wey

Administrative Manager

Dan makes what the rest of the team does possible. He keeps the essential office functions humming along seamlessly, providing a solid foundation of management, HR coordination, and above-and-beyond capabilities like proofreading, training, documentation, licensing, planning and more.

Alan McCollum

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Alan’s primary job is protecting the considerable intellectual property developed by Acres. On any given day, you’ll find him eyeballs deep in matters of business operations and technology – helping the company define new areas of exploration, and protecting the ground we’ve already covered..

Ryan Matthews

Lead Web Developer

Ryan is a big fan of change. That’s why he focuses on developing the tools that enable customers to address their challenges, no matter how they might evolve. Ryan’s role is to make solutions that are as individualized as the people who use them. After all, no two customers are alike, so no two tools should be the same, either.

Shaun Bisiaux

Director of Support

Shaun makes sure every support call is handled with timeliness and professionalism. He’s helped build a support system that puts the engineers themselves on the front lines -- that means when you need help, chances are you’re getting it from the professional who helped build the solution in the first place.

Mark Dailey

Chief Technology Architect

Mark has been developing complex gaming applications for more than a quarter of a century. At Acres, this extensive experience enables him to leverage cloud infrastructure in surprising new ways. Mark’s played a huge role in many of the gaming systems in operation today – as well as the solutions that will change the industry in the future.