obsolete technology is killing your business. Time to say hi to…

 Free play costs too much when it is misused. Giveaways take a disproportionate share from your bottom line. And offer-hungry players are all too eager to abandon you for the next great deal from your competitor.  Make the most of this valuable tool.

Providing an enhanced experience is the only way to survive, and Kai helps you do just that. It’s revolutionary artificial intelligence that enables you, for the first time ever, to fully leverage your greatest asset: your employees. It notifies them when to interact with your guests, in real time, at key moments. The result is personalized service that creates loyalty and profits.

Beyond that, Kai makes it easy on your IT department with beyond-simple installation and implementation. And Kai’s friends never sleep: you can always take advantage of Acres 24-hour emergency support.


  • Responsive and Nimble

    Track data and identify essential moments, in the moment

  • Personalize the Player

    Choose an interaction that your player will appreciate

  • Targeted and Timely

    Direct your team member to provide the interaction at the precise moment it will have the most impact

  • Track Effectiveness

    Measure player behavior after the interaction

  • Learns and Adapts

    Keep learning so you can do better and profit more

  • A Team Player

    Provide a platform where several systems work in concert so you can act upon consumer data, property-wide

  • Easy to Get Along With

    Connect virtually any existing system

  • Growing all the Time

    Look for Kai Lightning and Kai Hotel – coming soon